Personal Mentoring


Individual mentoring is an expansive approach to working with your intuition and managing your energy.

Personal support for all levels of intuitives and empaths with a deep desire to grow. For beginners- handling psychic skills with resources and reassurance, and advanced intuitives that feel resistance and moving beyond that space. 

Let me help you to see and know yourself as you evolve your gifts. Starting at $250 for the first month. Future rates vary based on plan package.  Minimum 3 month commitment. 

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Group Psychic Sessions


Inspiring Psychic Experience Group Session meets monthly around the full moon via Zoom.

Please note: this is not celebrity channeling or afterlife contact.

$40/session includes Psychic Reading Style for all participants!  

Come with curiosity and your intuitive questions.

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Intuitive Life Energy Coaching Session


Start here- with one session for insight, inspiration and support. This session is not for predictions,  answers or afterlife contact, nor is this a psychic reading. This is a discussion style, coaching approach. My unique style of connecting energy and intuition to real day to day life will inspire your spirit!  

I will connect with your energy and be a sacred container for you.  In alignment with your personal intentions for our time together.. Let’s get you started on your healing path with a private session!

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My Twin Flame Story GROUP Session


I am finally ready to share what has been unfolding for me over the past few years and it is a Twin Flame story. I invite you in for a personal share about Twin Flame energy and how intense, influential and challenging it can be.

Do you need help understanding your Twin Flame experience?

Why are you so attached to someone? Why can’t you just get over them?

The first part of the session will be my private Twin Flame story- worth the price of admission!  Hour 2 we talk strategy- the past life influence and tips to manage your heart stay healthy!  We will wrap with an energy activation to support your healing.

$55  Sunday March 3 at 6 pm central time

The format is 2 hours with a 10 min break in between hours. Hour 2 will be recorded and available for replay.

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Twin Flame Coaching and Healing Sessions


Do you need help understanding your Twin Flame experience?

Why are you so attached to someone?  They moved on, why is it so hard to let them go?

It’s time for you now. . . .

Reclaim your heart 

Get your power back

You deserve to be happy and it cannot be living in the past for the love that might have been.  Let me help you take your power back.   

You can do one session for connection and release or you continue your healing journey. 

First Session 90 mins with energy release:  $200

Pricing thereafter is based upon the support provided and individual need.  A custom approach is required with the Twin Flame Coaching and Healing plan. Individual packages vary.

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Personal Energy Forecast


This is an energy map for the month, a psychic reading of energy unique to you!  Organized to ground and guide you each week has a totem animal or spirit guide, a direction and element, with messages about the energy for that week.  Listen to the entire recording first then go back the start of each week to plug into the info for that week.  This is not astrology.  It is a reading of your energy to support you for the month. This is a 25-30 min. recorded audio or video and delivered on the 1st of the month. Orders due by the 20th of the month for the following month. $85

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