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Let Me Help You Keep Your Soulful Shit Together!

This is a safe place to land. With our monthly connection you will get encouragement, real talk and soulful resources to support your sensitive, genuine and tender heart. Together will be bold in our commitment to our fullest self with inclusion of the mind, heart, soul united in body.

Do you belong here? YES!

Say it out loud. . . . .Yes!

I feel you.

With an open heart. . .

Love, B

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Personal Mentoring


Personal support for all levels of intuitives and empaths with a deep desire to grow.


Group Psychic Sessions


I will connect with your energy and be a sacred container for you.


Intuitive Life Energy Coaching Session


Inspiring Psychic Experience Group Session meets monthly around the full moon via Zoom.


Personal Energy Forecast


This is an energy map for the month, a psychic reading of energy unique to you!


My Twin Flame Story Group Session


I invite you in for a personal share about Twin Flame energy and how intense, influential and challenging it can be. 


Twin Flame Coaching and Healing Sessions

Do you need help understanding your Twin Flame experience? Why are you so attached to someone?


“The Root Wound is Separation.”

Rebecca Cavender

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are. “

Brene Brown

“A belief is just a thought you continue to think.”

Abraham Hicks

“Life isn’t about getting to the bottom of the hill. It’s about getting as many good runs in as you can before the suns sets.”

Seth Godin